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By Kay T. Liberato

I had just left my uncle’s store with some friends. A friend of mine saw a passing police car and waved at the officers. The cop car stopped and backed up, with the lights on. The officers pulled up with their high beams directed at us. They hopped out of the car. The white officers forced us to turn around and spread our legs. He then took his night stick and ran it up our legs making sure to tap each of us in the crotch area. “How old are you son?” "I’m 13" I said.

By Billy Wharton 

There is a strange unplanned irony to history.  Events that relate to each other often occur simultaneously.  In this case, the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman is paired with the public disgrace of Paula Deen.  Both offended public sensibilities by reminding Americans of a time thought to be long passed.

While we are under no illusion that the justice system of the United States preserves equality and justice for all, we are nonetheless saddened and angered by the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. The SocialistParty USA will not rest until the day when our legal system guarantees outcomes free from racial bias. Today and every day, we stand in solidarity with victims of racial oppression, and our commitment to knocking down the pillars of racism wherever they stand is steadfast.

The Socialist magazine announces the resignation of Billy Wharton from its Editorial Board. Billy Wharton’s contributions to the magazine, on behalf of the SPUSA, are incalculable. Outlining the many improvements -- both editorial and operational -- which Billy instituted, is not possible within this brief announcement.

By Dennis "DJ" Mikolay

Originally published on the Political Alternative

In modern American politics, the word “socialist” has lost a great deal of its true meaning, robbed of its shock value by frequent overuse and naïve misapplication. Many a conservative pundit has warned President Obama and the national Democratic leadership seek to steer the United States towards a socialistic, or even worse, Marxist state, far from anything the Founders envisioned when they penned the Constitution.

This article from 'Counterpunch,' by Stansfield Smith, document the reasons why the U.S. occupation of Korea, with 28,000 troops on 22 bases, and recent U.S. flights of strategic bombers near North Korea, among other acts, are dangerous provocations leading toward renewed war in Korea. Millions of Koreans were killed by the U.S. war of 1950-1953; a horrific 20% of the population as estimated by high U.S. military officials.

by Billy Wharton

Being an American requires accepting a certain level of delusion.  Going on vacation raises this level to new heights - especially when your destination is a factory tour.  In this case, I was headed to the Herr’s Potato Chip Factory just outside of Lancaster, PA for a free tour of the facilities.  It was a diplomatic mission to keep the peace in the family that turned into a look inside modern capitalism in America.

Most of us on the Left first heard of your show because of the harsh exchange of words between yourself and fellow academic Cornel West over the efficacy of President Obama in regards to the actual standard of living for most African Americans.

The horrific gang rape of a minor in Steubenville, Ohio and the subsequent show-trial and "slap on the wrist" punishment of a fraction of those responsible has done more to cement the reality of rape culture, victim-blaming and slut-shaming than years of feminist thought and activism could ever accomplish. 

The abuse, objectification and dehumanization of women is inevitable under our current patriarchal system.